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QUESTION: Doctor, it does not need the rocket science to understand, why reproductive disorders like delayed estrus, decreased conception, delayed puberty, decreased ovulation, embryonic death & repeat breeding in animals is so widespread and unresolving despite feeding various mineral mixtures?

ANSWER: Doctor, if we compare trace elements provided by leading brands v/s animals requirements they miserably fail to fulfill it. Under feeding of important trace minerals is the key to the responsible factor for reproductive disorders in animals.


“Go Healthy offer’s a solution to reproductive disorders”

Doctor, Go Healthy is the 1 st to come out with the brand Winmin which offers trace minerals and
vitamins as per the NRC daily requirement to the animals.

Doctor, we are quite confident by supplementing Winmin this will take care of animals trace minerals
and vitamins deficiency with the result will be in a position to control reproductive disorders to the
large extent.

Usage: One bolus daily for 20 to 40 days as per requirement.



  • Ensures estrus and ovulation.
  • Does not disturb lactation.
  • Totally safe and non-hormonal product.
  • Wide acceptance and proven efficacy.

Indicated In:

  • Non-ovulatory heat.
  • Non-specific anoestrus.
  • Anoestrus due to malfunctioning/inactive ovaries.
  • Post metritis due to underdeveloped reproductive system.

Doses: 1 bolus twice a day for two days if needed to be repeated on the 11th and 12th day.


  • Kalonji contains high amounts of linoleic & palmitic acid which are essential fatty acids (Nergiz & Otles, 1993).
  • These are considered as precursors for biosynthesis of prostaglandins (Baiomy, 1999).
  • Thus helps by increasing circulating gonadotropin hormones & stimulates steroid hormone production.


  • It helps in the management of blocked fallopian tubes. Thus helping with proper ovulation.
  • Action of ethanolic extract of seeds of Shivlingi shows effects on the hypothalamus-pituitary gonadal axis.

Kaunch Beej

  • It has been used for long as an aphrodisiac to increase the sexual libido.
  • It is used to stimulate growth hormones – anabolis / androgenic.


  • It increases Beta-carotene in milk composition.
  • It also increases reproductive performance.
Go Healthy


Go Healthy



  • Easy expulsion of the placenta.
  • Timely involution of the uterus.
  • Early disappearance of lochia.
  • Predictable onset of the next reproduction (Heat).

Dosage: U-Tech Oral

Cow, Buffalo and mare 50ml.

(Double the dose on the first day followed by normal dose daily for 3 – 5 days).