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Go Healthy


Products under this category are made to help our dairy farmers achieve the motto – “one calf every year”.

Care of the reproductive system is of the utmost importance to make dairy happy, healthy and prosperous. The combination of these products will help the dairy to reach at the highest state of reproductive health.

Go Healthy


Mammary system of dairy animals is the monetary pillar of the dairy industry, thus it requires the most care.

Our products under this category focus on udder health and help the dairy farmers to attain maximum milk yield and the best quality of milk.

Go Healthy


Digestive system is of great importance in animal’s health as production and digestion go hand in hand.

We have the most trusted liver tonics in the industry. We have both herbal and allopathic liver tonics in this range.

Go Healthy


Supplementation forms an integral part of an animal’s diet. In this range, we have the most elite form of calcium available.

We have these in different dosage forms – liquid, bolus and granules.


Go Healthy


Immune system is the system that fights off diseases. Products in this range become the backbone for farmers to protect their animals from diseases.

This range strengthens Go Healthy’s vision of “Less diseases/ Early recovery = More Profit”.