About Us

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Love encompasses care, for which, we are here. In today’s times, humans are finding their way back to nature, especially in the field of veterinary medicine and supplements. Amidst this, we bring a range of efficacious natural herbal products to the market.There isn’t a better way to care for our animals than making use of science in the lap of nature.

Our Founder

Go Healthy

Mr. Anoop Ahluwalia laid the foundation of Go Healthy in 2012 with an aim to build a better world for the animals.

He has been working in the field of veterinary medicine since 1987. He adheres to the virtues of discipline and diligence. He believes that the success of any venture banks upon exposure and innovation.

Go Healthy, a marketing company, in the field of veterinary medicine was established in 2012. We have a whole range of products such as (LTMX) Lactomax (Galactagauges), Utech (Ecobolic & uterine tonic), Liv+ Oral/ Givliv-H (Liver tonic), etc. We have expanded our footprint in North India, primarily in Punjab and Haryana.

We abide by the rule of 3Cs, that is, Comprehensive, Cost-effective & Cogent products. Our strength lies in customer satisfaction. We ensure optimal care and management of Udder, Liver and Uterus health since they have a direct impact on dairy economics. Our brands such as Lactomax (LTMX), Liv+ Oral, Givliv, Pormor, U-Tech are highly acclaimed owing to their quality and performance.

Keeping Your Animals, Happy, Healthy and Safe!

Our Vision

We aspire to strengthen the Go Healthy family that works relentlessly to serve a promising future for animals. We aim to nurture this dream with the help of our stockists, retailers, veterinarians and most importantly, our customers.

We plan on expanding our consumer base with the ardent efforts of our team. Our supplements would not only offer a holistic development for the animals but would also prove economically viable. Our motto is to encourage healthy living among animals which would also be a boon to mankind.